HUMAN TARGET “Marshall Pucci” Review

HUMAN TARGET "Marshall Pucci" Season 2 Episode 13 – This episode starts right where last week’s left off and we see the aftermath of the kiss between Ilsa and Chance. The first thing she does is try to go back home and I think that’s because she’s had feelings for him for a while but had to hide them. When she thought her husband had cheated on her, she was so hurt that she allowed herself to finally feel them. Before that I’m sure she hadn’t wanted to act on them, probably feeling it was too soon after her husband’s death.

Well things sure got complicated after that. Not just because Ilsa’s husband’s supposed mistress showed up, but because the woman also turned out to be the one who killed him. Soon the entire team is on the run from some very scary CIA spooks who are quite intent on killing all of them, and I wasn’t sure for a while there who was going to make it out alive. They all did of course and that put everything back the way it was, with Ilsa planning to return to London.

Winston knowing what was going on between those two was great, as was him convincing his best friend to go after her. Chance did and Ilsa decided to stay but it’s not exactly like they jumped into each other’s arms so I guess we’ll have to wait until next season to see how this relationship plays out. Read More...


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