'Human Target' 2.13 'Marshall Pucci' Recap And Review

I'm having a really strong sense of deja vu. It's another Human Target season finale, and we're in the same place: wondering if the show is going to make it, watching as people speculate it's not long for this world. It's not a fun place to be in, but I console myself with remembering that we all thought the same thing last year and here we are in season two.

We semi-pick up from the end of last week's episode. Ilsa's still drunk, still brooding, and flashing back to a year earlier, when her husband (Steven Brand) told her not to come to Africa and in so doing, saved her life. We now see things from his perspective, as he tells her he loves her, knowing he's about to be very dead. That doesn't seem like a cheater to me, but appearances can be deceiving. In the present day, Ilsa's still drunk and making out with Chance, and I still don't like it. Read More...



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