'Jersey Shore' Midseason Trailer: 'Everything Is Broken and Ruined'

MTV released a new, three-and-a-half-minute-long trailer for 'Jersey Shore,' and boy, is it epic.

While the rest of the summer at Seaside Heights is filled with some moments of levity -- the prank war between the boys and the girls involves a stuffed crocodile noose and a "cheese bed" -- it mostly chronicles the aftermath of Sammi and Ronnie's breakup.

That means: Copious scenes of Sammi getting angry and leaning forward and doing that karate-chop motion with her hand to emphasize her point, plenty of crying and screaming, and some have-they or haven't-they drama between Sammi and one of Mike's friends.

It also features concrete evidence of Vinny being a d-bag to Snooki. Vinny, noooo! We had high hopes for you, young man.

Watch the trailer after the jump. (I just typed "clap" by accident, but that could possibly be accurate too.)



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