Recap Days of Our Lives: 11/05/2010

Philip discovers Vivian in the sarcophagus. A reluctant Brady fills him in and despite a desperate appeal by Vivian, Philip leaves her inside. Meanwhile, Victor informs Nicole that Kate knows about Vivian. Victor assures Nicole, and later Brady, that Kate won't say a word. Everyone is shocked when Philip strolls in and agrees Vivian should be left in the sarcophagus. Victor, Kate, Philip and Nicole make a toast to Brady for ridding their lives of Vivian. However, at the same time, someone is letting her out... 

Rafe returns from taking Arianna's body home, and Sami's relieved to see him. She feels guilty for Arianna's death, but Rafe won't let her blame herself. Sami worries the camera with her confession of shooting EJ will still turn up and he will use it against her. At the same time, EJ tells Stefano he will try to cause trouble between Sami and Rafe, but Stefano thinks they should go after Will. Sami will always protect her son. Either way, EJ wants to take Sami down. At the Brady Pub, Gabi apologizes for being so harsh to Will and Arianna's memorial service begins. Everyone says a nice thing or two about Arianna, but the small service is rocked by the arrival of EJ, who also says something nice about Arianna. Later, Rafe gets in his face and EJ says he's not stopping until he finds proof of Sami's crime. Suddenly, Justin shows up, revealing Arianna had him draw up a will. 

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