Recap Days of Our Lives: 11/15/2010

Rafe wants to use Sydney to get the goods on Nicole. Sami is resistant, but reluctantly agrees. Rafe goes to Nicole, who is excited to bond with Sydney. While Nicole is distracted, Rafe unleashes a virus on her computer to corrupt the video of Sami's confession. Then he sets his sights on Arianna's camera. At the same time, Sami confides in Will. He tells his mom Rafe will take care of the situation. Meanwhile, EJ has a heartfelt conversation with Lexie. Afterwards, EJ decides to kidnap his children and flee the country. He goes to Sami's and chloroforms her. As Sami passes out, Allie walks in...

Bo and Jennifer have a heart-to-heart, and Jennifer comes clean about Jack abandoning her to "find himself" on a walkabout. She's pissed, but is happy to be around friends and family for a while. Jennifer goes to the hospital to see Maggie, but meets Ben instead. When she l

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