Recap Days of Our Lives: 11/15/2010

Rafe nearly manages to erase the source video of Sami's confession, but Nicole catches him in the act and throws him out. She covers with Brady. After Rafe goes, she realizes that he's destroyed all her copies, and if she makes another on her laptop, the tape will self-destruct.

EJ's attempt to flee with his kids is nearly foiled by Allie when she walks in on him. He manages to calm her and shares an emotional reunion with Johnny before realizing that Sydney is not there. Panicked, EJ flees. At home, he considers his now-limited options when Nicole shows up on his doorstep. She tells him she can help him get his kids back. Meanwhile, Rafe finds unconscious Sami and realizes what happened. He picks up the phone, intent on getting EJ arrested.

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