Recap Days of Our Lives: 11/18/2010

Sami, EJ and Rafe conceal the truth about Sami's confession, but Bo is no dummy and realizes something is up. EJ leaves, and Bo and Rafe go the Brady Pub. Bo warns him that EJ isn't the only one pressing Sami. The police have all but figured out Sami shot EJ and an arrest could be forthcoming. Bo advises Rafe to marry Sami immediately in order to protect her. Caroline overhears and thinks it's a good idea. At the same time, EJ returns and he and Sami have it out. EJ confronts Sami about shooting him and she slips saying Kate told her he was going to take the kids. Still, she says he can't prove anything and EJ says that's where she's wrong. He mentions the gun and Sami says he doesn't have it. EJ begs to differ and offers her a deal. At the same time, Rafe hates what EJ is doing to Sami. Gabi talks him down from the ledge, and later, Rafe, determined to save Sami, makes a call. 

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