Recap Days of Our Lives: 11/19/2010

EJ tells Sami that in exchange for keeping quiet about her confession, he wants full custody of Johnny and Sydney. Sami can never see them again. Sami protests, threatens to go before a judge about EJ's misdeeds. EJ points out that the children will find out and reject her. He will also make sure Will and Rafe go to prison for covering up her crime. She will lose everything. At the same time, Rafe confronts Nicole about giving EJ the video of Sami's confession. Nicole says Rafe and Sami left her no choice. Now she'll get Sydney. Rafe tells her she's a fool for thinking EJ will let her back into Sydney's life. Meanwhile, having no choice, a devastated Sami agrees to his terms. He gives her twenty-four hours to come up with a convincing reason why the children are moving back with him, never to see their mother again. A destroyed Sami confesses all to Rafe, who tells her to marry him tonight. EJ crosses with Nicole and tells her Sami is giving him custody of Johnny and Sydney. Confidence shaken, Nicole asks if she'll get to see Sydney. EJ is unreadable.

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