Recap Days of Our Lives: 11/29/2010

Sami is forced to tell Will and Allie some hard truths. At the same time, EJ confronts Kate about her tipping Sami off which resulted in EJ getting shot. Kate denies, but EJ presses. Kate throws what he has done back in his face. Nicole tells Brady that EJ has Sydney and Johnny back. Brady thinks Nicole made the wrong choice by siding with EJ. EJ always lies and Nicole will be played for a fool. After Brady leaves for the hospital to check on Melanie, Nicole ponders her decision in trusting EJ's word. Meanwhile, after Kate leaves, EJ answers his phone to Sami, who pleads to let her see her children for the holidays. Grim, EJ won't have it and hangs up. Nicole shows up and wants to know her place in Sydney's life. She and EJ come to an understanding. At the same time, Kate goes to Rafe and Sami to warn them. While Sami rests, Rafe goes to the DiMera mansion and tries to make EJ see reason, but he is not having it. In the garden, Nicole enjoys time with Sydney. However, the moment is interrupted when Sami shows up ready to rip Sydney from Nicole's arms.

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