Recap Days of Our Lives: 11/30/2010

Rafe tries to reason with EJ. He asks EJ to let Will and Allie see their brother and sister, but EJ forbids it. He believes Sami will use it to worm her way back into Johnny and Sydney's life and Rafe and EJ almost come to blows. Meanwhile, Sami confronts Nicole. She tries to convince Nicole to let her have just a moment with her baby, and it looks like Nicole will give in, but she calls for EJ. EJ and Rafe race out, and EJ's furious. He tells Sami if she does it again, all bets are off and the truth will come out. Sami and Rafe leave, and later, Sami admits she made things worse, and breaks down in Rafe's arms. At the same time, EJ thanks Nicole, but tells her to go. Nicole takes Sydney up to bed. EJ finds himself alone and his victory is bittersweet.

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