'American Idol' Hollywood Week: Nick Fink, Stormi Henley, others don't make the cut


Randy kicks off "American Idol's" Hollywood week by trying to convince us this is the most talent they've ever seen. Hmm. Ryan tells us that double the number of contestants made it to Hollywood as usually do. Wow, so what is that ... like 300? Turns out it's 327, so we did pretty well at the jelly bean jar "Idol" game.J.Lo and her jaunty ponytail swagger into the auditorium. She's so cute. Her being on this show has really brought her up in my estimation. They kick things off with the line-up round, where 10 Idols come out, sing and are turned away or advanced on right on the spot. This, to me, has always been the scariest time of the competition. To come all that way and then be sent home 5 minutes in (more or less)? So disappointing, right?Group 1 includes Brett Loewenstern, who gets a montage about his high school torture. But...



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