FAIRLY LEGAL “Bo Me Once” Review

FAIRLY LEGAL "Bo Me Once" Season 1 Episode 4 – Kate helps a woman who ran away from home to get away from an overbearing father, only to have him show up in her life and ask for a part of the business she worked so hard to build. At first Kate has to help Beth work up the nerve to fight back but I like that in the end, Beth took it upon herself and told him to get out of her life.

Meanwhile Lauren is fighting a jerk of her own and does it really well, too. Sure she got hammered to do it but I still love that she didn’t back down from a client whose only reason for wanting to fire her was that she was a "girl lawyer." The most hilarious part is that after she gave him a piece of her mind, the sumbitch may just end up keeping her on. Read More...



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