'Parks and Recreation': Sex with your ex can be really great, but sex with your ex is a big mistake


The over-the-top, pushing-the-envelope-and-then-some hilarity of Thursday's (Feb. 10) "Parks and Recreation" can be summed up in five words. I think you know which five:"It rubbed off ... from friction.""Ron & Tammy: Part Two" was maybe not as wall-to-wall great as "The Flu" a couple weeks ago, but it wasn't far off. The return of Ron's ex (played by Nick Offerman's real-life wife, Megan Mullally) provided so many great moments that it's tempting just to list them all. And I will, in a minute. But first, let's acknowledge that there were very funny bits outside the Ron-and-Tammy story, including the best comic showcase for Adam Scott's Ben thus far this season.There have been hints that Ben doesn't really get the Pawnee way, but his incomprehension (and discomfort around cops) came out in a big way in this episode. His stumbles around the police chief earn him the nickname "Calzone Boy," he still doesn't quite understand when...



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