'Nikita' Season 1, Episode 14 - Review

The promise of Alex's new-found position as agent still hasn't really taken hold in 'Nikita' just yet. She mentions early on to Nikita that she didn't expect life on the outside to be so hard, and quite frankly, neither did I. But rather than being a true game-changer in the way the show operates on a weekly basis, this theoretically seismic shift has somehow dulled the show's tension at worst, and simply left Alex high and dry at best.

'The Next Seduction' dealt with affairs of the heart, or rather, the way in which the physical bodies of agents are literally used in the service of Division. Sure, sometimes that physical use involves a little ninja-esque action, but other times it involves the use of sex instead of gun play in order to meet the objective at hand. Read More...



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