AMERICAN IDOL “Hollywood Week Round 1? Review

AMERICAN IDOL "Hollywood Week Round 1? Season 10 Episode 8 – Welcome to the nerve-jangling gauntlet that is Hollywood Week, the place that chews up and spits out those without the real talent and/or intestinal fortitude. A record 327 contestants entered the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, and 168 advanced to the next stage of competition, leaving the rest wallowing in teeny angst and demonstrative self-pity for the drama-hungry American Idol cameras to eyeball.

I’m not going to name the ones still breathing; FOX did not show all 168 anyway, instead only highlighting the ones we already know best – and of course re-hashing their stories. Like we needed to see Tiffany Rios’ star-speckled boobs again, right?

No we did not. And this post will NOT be dedicated to those proud souls who have successfully advanced to the dreaded "Group Stage" of the competition. Instead this is my semi-fond farewell to those left in the dust. It’s also my way of saying "I told you so." Read More...


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