BONES “The Daredevil in the Mold” Review

BONES "The Daredevil in the Mold" Season 6 Episode 13 – Alright so we all saw the previews for this episode last week and we were all waiting for the proposal. I for one was dreading it and that kinda surprised me as I’ve never had a problem with Hannah. But I think the reason I was okay with her was that I never thought Booth and Hannah’s relationship would go very far. This was just supposed to be a temporary girlfriend to provide some extra drama – Booth wasn’t supposed to marry her!

Also I felt that it was much too soon and I couldn’t figure out what would make Booth think of proposing. Then of course that was explained in the opening scene as Sweets drunkenly admitted that he didn’t want to end up alone at Booth’s age. Jeesh, after a conversation like that who can blame the poor guy for running out to get a ring?

In the end she said no and I felt both relief that he wasn’t going to marry her, but also very sad about how much pain it caused Booth. And now, because of his completely broken heart, I don’t think he’ll be thinking about Bones again anytime soon. I’m sure some people are hoping that’s what’s going to happen now that Hannah is
(apparently) out of the picture but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Read More...


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