'The Office' recap: Getting Physical

Love! Valor! Compassion! This installment ofThe Office had them all -- well, minus the valor and compassion. Maybe a different group of words would better describe what this week’s episode, titled "PDA," was all about: Love! Groping! Sex in closets!

Tonight’s A-plot centered on Michael and Holly, who are understandably overjoyed about being together at last. They’re so blissful, in fact, that they can’t go more than a few seconds without holding hands, or giving each other backrubs, or shuffling around with their mouths mashed together. Even when they’re surrounded by their uncomfortable coworkers. (Holly explains in a confessional that she just can’t help herself, since "everything Michael does is sexy": the way he throws candy near his mouth, the way his face gets covered in "cheese" dust when he’s snacking, the way his pants ride up just sowhen he leans over…) Read More...



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