'Archer' Season 2, Episode 3 Recap

'Archer' fans, be not alarmed: Maureen Ryan will be back next week to continue her usual recaps of the series. But this time around, you have me. I'd tell you what she's up to, but it's a super secret mission for ISIS, and I don't want ODIN to read this and foil her in the field. So let me sneak in during these nine frames of fuzzy footage and talk about tonight's episode, 'Blood Test'.

So much of the show straddles the line between spy farce and workplace comedy. Certain figures in ISIS wouldn't be terribly out of place in the Scranton branch of Dunder-Mifflin Sabre, although the majority of their talking head segments there would be bleeped out by the censors. 'Blood Test' took those two elements and fashioned a paternity lawsuit in the way only this show could: Brutal accusations, intra-office soap operas, and of course, enough dark humor to make even the stout of heart blush. Read More...



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