'The Vampire Diaries' recap: Joy and Pain

The great thing about this series, which this hour proved again, is that we don't have to choose between romance and violence. It's okay to like both. I believe one of the reasons the vampire genre appeals so much to women is that it takes us to that dangerous, dark place in our minds but still lets us sleep at night. We watch Elijah rip two werewolves' hearts out at once (and Damon give him a nice! nod), and we're not worried it's going to happen to us because vampires aren't real. I may think aCriminal Minds episode about a group of serial killers targeting exotic dancers sounds awesome on paper, but after seeing the promo with a woman being chased through a cornfield, I may decide I don't need to see that. Also, it helps that we tend to identify with the woman the vampire wants to save or screw, not suck dry. But back to the episode...



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