'Jersey Shore' recap: Requiem for a Sweetheart

Everyone I know hates Sammi. When women look at her, they see a popular girl, a priss, a spoiled-rotten Queen Bee. She's the kind of girl other girls hope will get married to a benchwarming NFL player who will divorce her for a Victoria's Secret model, leaving her to a dwindling existence in some lesser corner of the Real Housewives universe. Men, on the other hand, look at Sammi and see every soul-sucking high-maintenance girlfriend they've ever had. But, in a weird twist, they also see every girl who ever spurned them: She's the girl who only dated dudes on the football team, or who never returned any of your calls after the first date, or who wasn't suitably impressed when you said you were a "consultant." (Metaphorically speaking, if you're a guy, Sammi is both the Enemy at the Gates and the Enemy Within. Men are complicated.) It doesn't help that Sammi's main hobbies are "staring into the mirror" and "staring into the mirror really hard." In a funny way, she's the most unifying person on the show: Whether you love or hateJersey Shore, you almost certainly hate Sammi. Read More...



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