'The Big Bang Theory' recap: Calculating the Mean

Will Leonard Hofstadter ever catch a break this season? After spending episode after episode on the margins, The Big Bang Theory's least quirky, most levelheaded geek finally took center stage last night. And yet, while we were treated to the unforgettable sight of Leonard macking on Lucille Bluth (!!!), the episode was ultimately marred with an off-putting streak of mean-spiritedness that started in the very first scene and endured to the very last one.

The problems began with the introduction of Dr. Seibert, the university president, played by a miscast Joshua Malina (The West Wing), who exudes neither the gravitas needed to play a credible head of an esteemed institution of higher learning nor the smarm required for a man whose main job is glad-handing for cash. Although I shouldn't be too hard on Malina; I'm not sure if any actor could have figured out how to threaten to blind Sheldon and Co. "with a hot spoon like they did to that little boy in Slumdog Millionaire" without coming off like he walked in from the set of Dexter. I get that the line was a set up for Raj to remind us that he's from India for the umpteenth time, but the moment was just so oddly harsh and unpleasant, I'm not sure if the episode ever fully recovered from it. Read More...



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