Nikita Review: "The Great Seduction"

You live the lie until the lie becomes your life.

It was so wonderful to see Alex so happy to be free on "The Next Seduction." Well, as free as she can be. Who knew an MP3 player could make a girl so excited? It’s such a joy to watch Alex live her life outside of Division quarters.

That happiness was short-lived, though, as Michael showed up and made Alex sound like an escort to Nathan. Why he did that is unknown. He said it was to keep her apart from Nathan, but I think it was to keep her from having a romantic interest.

Luckily, he did not succeed in his intentions, as Nikita told Alex to have a life just as Nathan knocked on her door. All of my questions and doubts about Nathan were squashed due to the impromptu dinner with Michael and the look on his face when he asked Alex if she was in trouble. For some reason, I get the same feeling from these two as I do from Nikita and Daniel in the flashbacks. Hopefully, their relationship doesn’t end the way that one did. Read More...


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