The Big Bang Theory 4.15 "The Benefactor Factor" Review

The brainiacs are back again this week in a new episode of The Big Bang Theory. With Leonard faced with a tough decision regarding science and somehow sex, you would expect that TBBT would create such a story that would entertain us viewers for the whole half hour. Instead we were left with 30 minutes of horrible jokes, a not so great guest star, and a story that makes me fear for TBBT.

This week centered around Leonard and the rest of the gang trying to get funding for equipment at their respected labs. As they all go to a benefactor party, they soon realize that not only were they duped into going to the party but, the one lady who was willing to give the money had some ulterior motives. Mrs. Latham (Jessica Walter) could have been a fantastic character but I feel like the writers decided against making her interesting and went with making her some what of a major snob who's just horny. Walter did a great job bringing the character alive but with little to no depth to the character, this role probably won't get her recognized. But back to the story. Mrs. Lathams quest to sleep with Leonard started off awkward and then just jumped straight to wrong. The fact that Leonard is willing to just jump in bed with her is making me wish that he and Penny were still together. I find it  odd that Leonard has now become a guy who is just looking for sex at all times instead of pursuing the likes of Penny again. Read More...


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