PERFECT COUPLES “Perfect Jealousy” Review

PERFECT COUPLES "Perfect Jealousy" Episode 4 – It does not appear that this show is getting any better. We are now on the fourth episode of Perfect Couples and I am just as disappointed as I was with the first one. It is not funny enough to keep me interested and the storylines are just too silly. This week’s episode centered around Dave and Julia’s jealousy when they either flirted with someone or hung out with someone that was good looking. Julia was jealousy because the woman that Dave and the dog walked with sounded cute. Dave was jealous because Julia spent a lot of time on Facebook commenting on a coworker’s status and pictures. Even though in the end they thought the whole thing was stupid because they trusted each other, they went about making ridiculous rules such as Dave can only jog with someone way older than him and Julia could only half laugh at her friend’s comments. That was completely contradictory to their declarations of trust. Meanwhile Vance and Amy solved their jealousy issues in the most ridiculous way involving Amy trying to pick up a college student while on speakerphone with Vance. I was uncomfortable too just watching it. Read More...


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