The Mentalist Review: Grace Under Fire

Grace Van Pelt was at the center of "Blood for Blood."

It seemed odd that she would walk the perimeter of the safe house when she was the only agent guarding the father and child. Shouldn’t there be another CBI members that stays inside? Things definitely didn’t look good for her when she couldn’t recall whether she locked the door.

And that’s when Agent LaRoche of Professional Standards turned up to investigate her. I’m beginning to like LaRoche. He’s just so ominous. He asked Van Pelt if she was feeling anxious. Anxious? Whenever he questions one of our CBI agents, I feel as though they are about to slowly roast over the seventh circle of Hell  His presence is truly intimidating.

What bothered me more was Greg’s input over dinner.  He was encouraging her to wear a wire and rat on her co-workers for LaRoche. His reasoning was that these were her colleagues, not her friends and one of them may be a murderer. I know he’s FBI, not CBI, but what happened to loyalty? These aren’t just colleagues, these are her partners. She puts her life in their hands every day.  Read More...


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