'The Big Bang Theory' Season 4, Episode 15 Recap

What a difference a week makes. The previous episode of 'The Big Bang Theory' was probably the weakest of the season, and it certainly had the skimpiest plot. Tonight's episode was much better, and it hit all the right comedic beats. Once again, the plot was pretty thin. But then again, 'The Big Bang Theory' has never been known for the complexity of its plots. And hey, when the show's funny, then that doesn't matter.

The show was divided into two sections. In the first, the boys met President Siebert, the head of their university. In the grand tradition of, well, every college movie and TV show ever, Sheldon has a rivalry going on with the president. But Siebert isn't a stuffy old dean in the style of, say, 'Animal House.' In fact, in a nice twist on the usual dean-vs.-students battle, the feud seems to be mostly Sheldon's fault. Read More...



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