$#*! My Dad Says 1.17 "Lock and Load" Review

Gun control is a hot topic this day and age. We have seen so much of it in the political scene we want to forget it even exists. Well, this week shows us that not only politicians want to debate over guns but, Rosemary and Ed will goes as far as ending a relationship just to prove a point. Is this weeks episode of Bleep a clean shot of excellence, or is the gun powder of humor to wet to fire?

While the episode centered around the topic of gun control and who should/should not own guns, at the heart of the episode we can see that it was more about the give and take between couples. With the recent string of burglaries in the neighborhood, Ed feels safe as he has guns in almost every room of his home. However, with his girlfriend Rosemary holding a belief that no one should own guns for the argument that they are dangerous, Ed locks his guns up to please Rosemary. This one moment shows that Ed, while vulgar and crude, will risk his safety to please the woman he is with. If I am correct, women really go for that but I am not 100% sure on it. I enjoy that the writers are able to keep a nice balance between the offensive ramblings of Ed while still giving him the softer semi-romantic side. This romantic side diminishes for awhile as Ed and Rosemary fight after Ed's house was robbed and Ed could not protect his home due to his guns being locked up. The fight eventually leads to a break up yet in the end, the two end up getting back together only to break up again (but just for the make up sex). While it was nice to see the two back together, it felt a little rushed as they broke up, got back together, and then broke up again all within a 10 minute span. But I can see that the writers will keep Rosemary for awhile as the romance between her and Ed provides for some entertaining dialogue. Read More...



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