'Archer' 2.03 'Blood Test' Review

As many people as Sterling Archer has slept with, and given how he always blabs about being a secret agent, it's no surprise that someone would want to pin a baby on him. That's the premise of this week's episode: did Archer father a baby boy with uncouth hooker Trinette, and how is he going to try and get out of the situation? (Because obviously he will. It'sArcher we're talking about.)

The episode opens with Archer snarking at a wheelchair-bound colleague for having a closer parking space. The scene perfectly encapsulates my feelings towards this show. As a handicapped person, you'd think I would be offended, but I'm not. In fact, I'm laughing pretty darn hard. It's not shock humor; it's humor that just happens to be occasionally shocking. The humor in Archer has the potential to be offensive, but how hilarious it is overrides any offense I might take.

We learn early on that the child may in fact be Archer's, as he did once have unprotected sex with said hooker. His mother isn't thrilled, but he calls her a hypocrite (given that she has no idea who his father is). Everyone expects Lana to be upset, but she's not, saying "I actually feel like I dodged the world's most dysfunctional bullet." Yet when Carol/Cheryl mentions Cyril, Lana jumps on her and begins to strangle her. Ignoring this fight, Pam suggests they throw a baby shower at Archer's apartment. Read More...



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