'Nikita' 1.14 'The Last Seduction' Recap And Review

Nothing good ever happens at 2:13 AM. Yet a random American agent is taking a meeting in a deserted part of Berlin at exactly that time. No wonder why he ends up dead.

Back at Langley, Ryan (Noah Bean) stumbles upon the particulars of this failed meeting, and a little red flag goes up in his head. When his bosses won't listen to him (because whose bosses actually do on TV?) he swipes the file and takes matters into his own hands, setting up a meeting with Nikita. When Nikita gets this message back at the loft, as it's Valentine's Day, Alex asks Nikita if she has a thing for Ryan, which only gives Nikita license to ask about Nathan. "Would it be so bad if we both got to have a life?" Alex ponders aloud.

Nikita goes to meet Ryan, who tells her about the murdered CIA agent and how he needs her help to potentially stop a terrorist attack on American soil. He's been monitoring Cold War substations in Europe, and has uncovered information about Jurgen, the man the dead agent was supposed to meet. Nikita tells him that Jurgen is an alias for a man named Voss, whom she was once involved with as part of a Division operation. This makes Ryan feel really awkward about asking for her help in finding him and the weapon he's smuggling into the country. "I'll do what I have to," she tells him but neither of them look happy about it. Read More...



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