The Big Bang Theory: "The Benefactor Factor" Review

Sheldon is a big old pimp! In "The Benefactor Factor," the university throw a fund raiser and the president insists that our boys show up to charm the rich old people. Leonard catches the eye of Mrs. Latham (the wonderful Jessica Walter), a wealthy woman who enjoys making smart people squirm. When she implies that Leonard had better put out to get a donation, Sheldon encourages him with all the vigor of a guy in a pink leopard print coat. 

The episode was a riot, starting with Raj asking something I've wondered more than once. If zombies are dead already, they can't die from starvation, right? The guys laughed at poor Raj, but hey, it's a really good question. I watch anything I can find about zombies and no one has ever answered that. If you can tell me, I promise to write you back in the comments.  Read More...


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