Parks and Recreation: "Ron & Tammy Part Two" Review

Yeah, suck it calzones! You totally are like pizzas but harder to eat.After a good, yet moderately underwhelming episode last week, Parks and Rec returned with an out-of-the-park dinger this week in "Ron & Tammy: Part Two." Sheer brilliance in it's simplicity. It's not complicated, nor does it have to be. Ron's ex wife Tammy (his second wife named Tammy if I'm not mistaken) works for the most evil place in all of Pawnee -- The Library -- and happens to be a "manipulative psychotic library book peddling sex-crazed she-demon." Parks' greatest triumph in Season 2 was creating a wonderfully loony and layered insulated world full of tremendous characters and locations. Like an insanely fun board game. I'm glad that they've used some restraint in bringing a lot of these wonderful denizens back, but I also have to thank the heavens above for the return of tumultuous Tammy (Megan Mullally) and her hysterically awful ways. And not only was "Ron & Tammy: Part Two" exponentially more unhinged that part one last year, but they found a clever way of bringing Tammy back into the fold by using Tomand his hostility toward Ron.  Read More...


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