Friday Night Lights: "Always" Review

I believe that pretty much all TV series (at least those that aren't completely procedural) should end after five seasons. Five years gives you a good, solid run, with time to have the characters grow and evolve and have many different adventures, without getting into that tired, repetitive feeling that is almost inevitable when you get into Season 6 or beyond. 

Of course all that being said, I'm seriously sad about Friday Night Lights ending. This show stands alongside the likes of The Wire and Battlestar Galactica as some of the very best television of the past decade – and indeed, it would easily make a list of my all-time favorite series. Overall, it's just wonderful that this amazing series defied the odds to have the run it did and is going out with its head held high - as it should be.  Read More...


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Feb 11, 2011 7:41PM EST

I have watched this show from start to finish which has been pretty difficult as I have lived in 3 different countries over the last 5 years.
I was dreading the final episode ... would the writers slap in everything they could just to finish the story? Would Jason have had miraculous surgery and walk onto the field as the Lions were struggling to win the State Final?


A well executed finale to a much loved show. I am sad, but happy, that a responsible decision was taken to end 'Friday Night Lights' on a high.

I know its not real but I seriously hope that Tim Riggins discovers oil on his property.

Compliments to all the Writers and Actors of 'Friday Night Lights'!

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