V: "Concordia" Review

V isn't a perfect show by any means. In fact, most of it's very clumsy. But "Concordia" had some definite thrills and left us with very a interesting change to the Fifth Column group dynamic. Yes, in the end I wish there had been a bigger change to the status-quo (i.e. Marcus actually dying, Erica getting caught, etc), but the whole "Concordia Gala" part of the episode was well done and I really enjoyed Erica's decision to go through with shooting Marcus even though Tyler was standing right next to him. 

"Your son's life is in danger if we don't take it," Cohn told her, spotlighting the fact that Anna had immediate, and most likely dire plans, for Tyler and that the reason Erica actually decided to go through with this mission was because of that fact. Erica hugging Tyler off to the side as the shot rang out was great. I also liked Nicholas Lea coming back into the picture, as Tyler's dad, in order to try and pull Tyler out of Anna's clutches by fake re-assembling his real family. So, yeah, there were some good things going on. Hobbes and Eli's menacing look right as the whole thing ended, probably planning to beat the absolute crap out of Ryan for squealing, was also nice.  Read More...



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