The Cape: "Goggles and Hicks" Review

You know, you get to a point when you're watching a series likeThe Cape where it begins to feel redundant to continuously point out all the inconsistencies and illogic, and you just decide to embrace the general badness of the show. I have now reached that point. So let's just look at the good side of things for a change with the episode "Goggles and Hicks." 

This week's segment starts with some poor sod stuck in Afghanistan and being hunted by an unseen force. Well, unseen for him. We very quickly learn that it's actually Pruitt Taylor Vinceand his creepy looking character-actor pal Chad Lindberg who are on his trail. They, like the title of the episode, are called Goggles and Hicks, and they're assassins. Goggles does all the high-tech computer stuff from his van (which has a Xena-esque warrior chick airbrushed on the side) while Hicks does the actual killing, as when he takes out the sucker in Afghanistan with a single bullet from hundreds of yards away. The mark doesn't even know what hit him, and show pauses for his final, reflective moments as he stares at the sunlight that's glowing through the hole the bullet just made in the stone in front of him. Kind of cool.  Read More...


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