House: "Family Practice" Review

On the heels of the last episode's light-hearted tone (not to mention the hysterical Super Bowl commercial), things got much more serious on House this week as Cuddy's mother (played by Candice Bergen) showed up again, this time as a patient under House's care. If you'll remember, she's an acerbic, judgmental nightmare who never misses an opportunity to cut down her daughter. Not surprisingly, House took exception to her behavior and managed to get himself fired from her case - Making a fool of the patient by substituting placebos and accusing a proud woman of being a hypochondriac will do that. 

If House hadn't been the arrogant jerk he always is and if Mrs.Cuddy hadn't been a royal pain-in-the-ass, the whole mess would've sorted itself out in about 10 minutes. Fortunately, this show is full of stubborn people who love conflict and as a result, we got an enjoyable episode that raised some interesting moral questions about the difference between patients as strangers versus patients as family members.  Read More...


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