Episodes: "Episode 5" Review

And so begins the downward spiral and shame and degradation. In just one episode, Sean has gone from being the easy-going, "glass is half full" chap to becoming a "douchebag in training." Look, he hasn't done anything completely out of line yet, but he's done a good job of falling out our sympathies. And Beverly's little on-set, stoned girl chat with Carol did wonders for her character. I supposed the message (hah!) here is that everyone is flawed, but that's not what's been making this show work so far. 

Sean's one-sided "moment" with Morning was a bit typical. Boring, really. This show had so much more going on for it than to resort to Sean falling for the blonde ditz with the t***s. And while still funny, Matt even resorted to becoming a bit "Merc"ish in this one; whispering to Sean during a rape benefit with a rape victim on stage recounting her tragic attack. "Girl on stage talking about rape?...I once did a pilot with her...Not a good actress" It was very reminiscent of Merc silently apologizing for his blind wife at his dinner party. It was funnier though since we've spent more time getting to know Matt and can see the charm through the smarm. Read More...



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