Spartacus: Gods of the Arena - "Paterfamilias" Review

Batiatus' success is short lived after his father, Titus (Jeffrey Thomas), returns home to clean up the mess his son has made. Considering Batiatus' achievements in "Missio", it's surprising to think that Titus would be disappointed in his son's success. However, Titus is a far more honorable man than Lentulus and looks to patch relations with those who Batiatus has quarreled with over the last couple of episodes. Titus is a fascinating departure from most of the characters we've come to know in Capua. He's almost honorable to a fault amongst the scoundrels that inhabit the city. What Titus brings to Gods of the Arena is contrast. For a short time we're given an opportunity to see how the Ludus would have been run in its prime. Titus gains respect from his gladiators, not through fear, but by enshrining the honorable traits of himself in his fighters. Even when he returns to the Ludus to find his gladiators fighting, not one of them was sent to the mines. He understands the importance of gaining their respect and making them feel a part of something greater than themselves.  Read More...


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Feb 12, 2011 4:47AM EST

Episode 4!

Wow this show is truly the best! Every week each episode has me at the edge of my seat wanting to see more and more. Now the plot even begins to thicken; as we know that at some point revenge must be taken! So is this the point where Lucretia takes dirrect action and get her hands dirty other then her normal faint way of just whispering in people’s ears words of gest plus elder Batiatus needs to be removed from the house permanetly; so will he be killed or die of natural (somewhat) cause?

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