SUPERNATURAL “Unforgiven” Review

SUPERNATURAL "Unforgiven" Season 6 Episode 13 - On SUPERNATURAL this week, we got to see flashbacks of Sam’s life while Dean thought he was in hell.

Sam is sent coordinates to a small down in Rhode Island where he realizes that he and Samuel had worked a case during the previous year. When he and Dean arrive, Sam starts having memory flashes of the past. What we learned from Sam’s flashbacks? Well, little Sammy was a bit of a man whore.

Which does have a point to the plot – Dean discovers that all of the missing girls from the town were actually women that Sam had slept with; which makes Dean realize that whatever they’re hunting is out to get Sam.

What are they hunting? A giant man spider. My first thought was Shelob, but then I realized that the Winchester’s were dealing with something on a much smaller scale. After a few mishaps, one which ends up putting Sam in jail for a bit, the spider is killed, and we all go on our merry way. Read More...


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