Supernatural 6.13 "Unforgiven" Review

One Year Ago

We open in Rhode Island, one year ago, where Sam has obviously executed someone, while Samuel stood a few feet away. The two drive off, but are stopped by a cop, who thinks they’re feds. The deputy is complaining about not being able to contact Sheriff Dobbs. When he attempts to arrest them, Sam goes federal on his ass (ie. punchy). Samuel isn’t impressed.

In the present, the boys are in a hotel room, keeping in touch with Bobby about the Mother of All. Sam gets a mysterious text of coordinates and tracks them to Rhode Island, where three women have disappeared in the last week. Dean’s hesitant to go investigate, but Sam insists, and starts having flashbacks as he drives into town, but fails to tell Dean (argh! The boys are lying to each other again!).

They look into the missing women and find no link between them. While at a bar, Sam finds a woman who obviously recognizes him and remembers when he and Samuel were in town. As the woman leaves, Sam remembers having sex with her in the bathroom. I’m deeply disappointed it wasn’t in color (and longer). Read More...


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