'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' recap: A Visit from Vader

Lord Vader, this is an unexpected pleasure. We are honored by your presence.

Moff Jerjerrod’s nervous, stammering greeting to Darth Vader aboard the second Death Star pretty much captures how I felt last night. You were probably as shocked as I. Not only did Anakin, in the single greatest sequence The Clone Wars has given us, receive a vision of his helmeted future self, but he actually turned to the Dark Side! Okay, so it was only temporary. But, however brief, he became Darth Vader, glowing yellow eyes and all.

Honestly, I need to slow down or I’ll end up hyperventilating Vader-style myself.

Let’s back up to the beginning. "Ghosts of Mortis" wrapped up this richest, most mythologically-resonant of Clone Wars story arcs, which supervising director Dave Filoni told me is meant to be seen as a "mythic retelling of all six Star Wars films in three thirty-minute episodes." Filoni sees the Mortis arc as an internal journey for Anakin, as if, like Luke, he were facing himself and his demons in that mossy, Dark Side-riddled cave on Dagobah. Other than that, he’s pretty tight-lipped regarding specific plot points, because, to his credit, he wants to maintain an air of mystery to these episodes. Read More...



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