STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS “The Ghosts of Mortis” Review

STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS "The Ghosts of Mortis" Season 3 Episode 17 – So it was all a dream!?!? Ok, technically Mortis was probably some kind of manipulation of time through the use of the Force, but it may as well have been just a dream. The final episode of this three episode arc of Star Wars: The Clone Wars ends up with Obi Wan, Ahsoka and Anakin coming away with no new significant knowledge learned from their ordeals on Mortis to take with them into their future endeavors. Thankfully, the episode managed to stay entertaining for us omniscient viewers despite the characters being frustratingly none the wiser at the end of it all.

Of the three episodes in this arc, I was most impressed with the background art and visual effects in this episode. Mortis felt different than it had in the two previous episodes. It was so detailed in it’s darkness that I often caught myself looking past the characters on screen and instead staring at the beauty behind them. Although Cartoon Network played the scene in every promotional bump for this week’s episode of The Clone Wars, the fiery montage of Anakin’s vision of his future still had a serious impact. Anakin on his knees crying out in agony before the dark helmet that represented his future as Darth Vader is without question the most effective visual storytelling in this episode. Read More...


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