SHAMELESS “Facts Cannot be Racist” Review

SHAMELESS "Facts Cannot Be Racist" Season 1 Episode 6 – Frank’s idiocy and Sheila and Carl’s psychological issues are the catalyst for a fair amount of the action in tonight’s "Facts Cannot Be Racist" episode of SHAMELESS. I’ve seen the episode and I love how layered the show is becoming.

Carl’s "behavioral problems" have not gone unnoticed at school and Fiona has to scramble as she tries to keep him from being expelled. This is a terrific story for pulling other character and plot threads into it and there’s a montage and a school project that are must-see, but darned if I don’t side with the principal more than a little bit about what he thinks Carl’s options are.

Sheila needs a breakthrough to be able to go to parent’s night with Karen, so we get a taste of her in-home therapy. We’ve already seen how much she suffers, but this shines a spotlight on it in an interesting way and it’s Joan Cusack’s best episode to date, which is saying something. It’s also a good episode for Kash’s wife Linda (yay! We finally see her for more than thirty seconds), who tries to take control of a situation.

I’ve sung the praises of most of the cast already, but somehow I haven’t mentioned Laura Slade Wiggins who is fabulous as the always more than meets the eye Karen. She can go from creeping me out to breaking my heart in the blink of an eye and she’s just a fun, fabulous character. Her relationship with "Daddy Frank" (you have to hear it) is developing a bit differently than I expected and I like it. Read More...


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