The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season Three Reunion Review

Well, while everyone else was watching the Grammys, I knew there was a sliver of Real Housewives of Atlanta fans who left that party for ringside seats to the reunion we've been waiting for. Unfortunately, there wasn't much to pick over tonight, but again, I am reserving most of my comments until watching the second part of the reunion next week. Nevertheless, there were some topics of interest that stuck out and have to be deciphered.

If Looks Could Kill

Kim and NeNe's facial expressions while one or the other commented on something were filled with toxins and could've killed someone on sight. NeNe looked practically bored throughout the entire reunion, but didn't hide her disdain whenever Kim opened her mouth. In fact, NeNe's attitude was the equivalent of a big red button that you are not supposed to touch, but Andy Cohen couldn't help himself and kept pressing the proverbial button, injecting venom into the atmosphere in the process. While I always get a kick out of NeNe's no nonsense attitude, tonight was a different story as she had her guard set on "Kill" and no one was safe. Well, maybe Cynthia was probably safe. Read More...


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