BOB’S BURGERS “Sexy Dance Fighting” Review

BOB’S BURGERS "Sexy Dance Fighting" Episode 4 -Bob’s Burgers tonight had Tina abandoning her restaurant duties to partake in Brazilian capoeira classes in "Sexy Dance Fighting."

Since tonight’s episode revolved around Tina, it was a good opportunity to figure out what role she plays in the Belcher family. Seeing the way the rest of the family reacts to Tina’s dramatic heartache after one of her many crushes moves out of town, you get the feeling that when Tina was Gene and Louise’s age, she was nowhere near as bright or precocious. She was probably a sweet, soft spoken, naive kid and it’s only now that she’s having to cope with her out of control adolescent hormones that she has also become awkward and really, really weird.

Bob doesn’t exactly know how to deal with Tina’s pubescent changes but obviously he still sees daddy’s little girl in her and ultimately tries to hold onto that when he’s dealing with her. The montage of Bob’s thoughts imagining Tina’s future beside him at the grill and going through her major life moments is at once hilarious and touching. And later, when Tina is denied advancement in her capoeira class, Bob is willing to face humiliation and physical pain to defend his daughter. It all works to really make the characters in Bob’s Burgers feel like they’re really family and not just a group of randomly assembled funny characters. Read More...


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