THE CLEVELAND SHOW “A Short Story and a Tall Tale” Review

THE CLEVELAND SHOW "A Short Story and a Tall Tale" Season 2 Episode 13The Cleveland Show tonight had Cleveland and Loretta celebrating Valentines day in Los Angeles at the NBA All Star Game while Rallo meets a new crowd of kids living a totally different kind of life from his.

Rallo, upset by the idea that all the older members of his family are able to stay up after he’s gone to bed to pit alligators against tigers, eat snow cones and go on wild adventures, decides that he’s going to be the boss of his own life. He meets Marty at the grocery store who is an adult little person that mistakes Rallo for a fellow little person. In turn, Rallo mistakes Marty for a kid and is inspired to lead his life like him.

Once Cleveland and Loretta land in Los Angeles, they do a bit of sight seeing. I thought their traffic laden exaggerated trip through the major tourist spots in Los Angeles was pretty funny, especially when it culminated in Loretta and Cleveland coming out of a pot shop declaring their love for LA despite the simultaneous fires, mudslide, high speed police chase and earthquake all around them. Read More...


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