'Californication' Season 4, Episode 6 Recap

The title of this episode of 'Californication' hints at something decidedly not Hank Moody. He despises lawyers and their soulless profession. The thought of Hank brandishing a weapon is absurd to almost comic degrees, and while he should have money shooting out of his fingertips at will, he doesn't.

He holds the kind of elitist cool principles that make all three of those things cripplingly lame. Now his actions and decisions have transformed them into necessary evils for Hank to survive: The lawyer to keep him out of his own way, out of prison, and presumably into her bed; the money to pay for the lawyer, to buy his daughter's guitar and love, and to fund his various binges; and the guns to challenge Ben, the new threat to Karen's love, to a duel at high noon. Read More...



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