DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES "Flashback" Season 7 Episode 14 – So after a brief winter hiatus of reruns, Desperate Housewives is back in full swing. FULL DISCLOSURE: When I got this Daemon’s TV gig, one of the series up for grabs was this one. Since I had watched and moderately enjoyed the pilot season of Desperate Housewives, some seven years ago, I decided to give it another crack.

I knew ahead of time I was getting back into a series that is, in a nutshell, all about the Lie Of The Week. Here’s the formula: housewife (insert Bree/Lynette/Susan/Gabrielle) lies to / is lied to by (insert spouse or neighbor) and hijinks ensue. Less commonly, it’s a simple misunderstanding in which everyone is telling the truth, and one of the characters is either just blind or stupid. Each episode equally features the four redoubtable housewives, so each week we have four separate stories about four different forms of deception and/or comical misunderstanding. (Sometimes five if one of the background players gets his or her own mini-thread, but there are usually four tales for each of the four leads.) Read More...


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