'Desperate Housewives' recap: Weekend at Lynette's

Desperate Housewives may be well past its prime, and yet Marc Cherry and his crack team of suburban snarkologists still find ways of channeling glimmers of Wisteria Lane’s former glory. Look no further than last night’s episode, "Flashback," which featured one of the most hilarious tributes to Weekend at Bernie’s this side of The Office. I mean, this show has given us a lot of great images over the years: Gaby cutting her lawn wearing Versace; Paul Young killing Mrs. Huber with a blender; Felicia Tillman leaving two severed fingers at a faux crime scene; John Slattery’s Victor getting impaled on a picket fence. And right up there is the macabre sight of Lynette keeping the corpse of Larry Hagman’s Frank in her house overnight, so that her mother could inherit his fortune. Actually, "Flashback" was a solid episode.

Your usual chronicler of all things Wisteria, Tanner Stransky, was off partying with Lady Gaga at the Grammys last night, so I, Christian Blauvelt, am covering the Housewives beat this week. Let’s back up to the beginning. Lynette’s cantankerous ma, Stella (played with ornery glee by Polly Bergen), finally married Larry Hagman’s rude, unapologetically racist Frank for his money. Read More...



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