Shameless Review: "Killer Carl"

Shameless loves to kick off episodes with Fiona having sex.  But, hey, whatever grabs the audience! 

While Fiona and Steve are having a little wake up intercourse on "Killer Carl," the lights go out.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t Carl’s fault this time; Fiona didn't pay the bill. Carl, however, did not get off easily for the rest of the episode.

In case Carl’s affinity for torturing pets and melting action figures together didn’t tip you off to his troubled nature, we found out that he is the school bully.  Between peeing in plants, slamming doors on kids’ hands, and the seven "unsatisfactory" marks on his report card, the school is ready to kick him out. Fiona goes to the school to plead his case, but the faculty is sick of seeing all of the Gallagher kids go through their hallways with no guidance or structure.

Failing to find any pretend father figure, Fiona and Lip use their roles as oldest siblings and show up to the school conference. The school is ready to dial up child services when Steve swoops in pretending to be Fiona’s fiancé, saying that they are filing papers to become Carl’s legal guardians. Read More...


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