Californication Review: "Lawyers, Guns and Money"

On "Lawyers, Guns and Money," Hank Moody doing a PSA was a rich concept. It would be akin to seeing if Charlie Sheen is available to talk about the dangers of hookers and blow because, like they say, "The More You Know."

My worst fear came to fruition on this episode, though, as apparently we have seen the last of Sasha. There are so many things I will miss about her, but two stand out.

Karen prescribed the perfect remedy for Hank’s social malady: get his head out of his ass. Hank lost his charm switch, but it also seemed like he lost something else. I got the feeling that he very easily could have just packed it in and gone off the deep end.

Hank always struck me as the guy who would try anything twice. I don’t think we’ll see him in the ER again any time soon, but Karen’s concern was justified. If he can’t hold onto the one good thing in his life, he really will be lost. Abby was right, Hank has been looking for punishment instead of forgiveness. Karen has seen the real Hank, though. In pleading his case to Abby for him, not only did she talk Abby back onto the case, she also talked her right into Hank’s bed. Read More...


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